Simple, fixed price

No percentages, no hourly rates - our grant of probate service is a single, simple, fixed price.

Farewill's probate service

£345 Inc. VAT

  • Probate form completed
  • Inheritance tax form completed
  • Checked by experts
  • Submitted to probate registry
  • Support from our probate specialists
  • No oath, no need to visit a probate registry
  • We send the grant to you by post
  • Everything done in 30 working days

Plus: Government's probate registry fee

£155 Normally £215

The probate registry fee for the grant of probate (for professionals) is payable in addition to our fixed price service. The government has announced that this fee may increase in April 2019.

Total £500

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Farewill's grant of probate service

Frequently asked questions

Do I pay anything upfront?

No. First, we’ll help you work out if you need a grant of probate. If our service is right for you, we’ll help you gather information about the estate. We don’t ask for payment until later.

When do I pay?

When you’ve provided information about the estate, we’ll be ready to prepare the forms and apply for the grant of probate. We’ll ask you for full payment at this point.

Do I need estate administration?

If your needs are more complex and you’d like help with the entire process (not just getting the grant), this is estate administration. We can talk through your options. If it’s best for you, we can refer you to our partners. They’ll provide a fixed, upfront quote.

Are there any hidden or ongoing costs?

No, our fee for the grant of probate is as you see it. There are no extras (like the things that solicitors call ‘disbursements’). There are no subscription or ongoing costs.

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