Probate help

For most people faced with probate, it’s an unfamiliar term and an unfamiliar process. Here’s our brief guide.

What is estate administration?

The assets, debts, pensions and so on of the person who's died - that's their 'estate'.

Estate administration means sorting it all out from start to finish. It includes paying inheritance tax (if there is any - it's due after about 5% of deaths), closing accounts, selling shares, transfering money to beneficiaries, and so on.

The difference between probate and estate administration


Proof you’ve got the authority to sort things out.

  • An official court document
  • Often needed to unlock the assets of the person who’s died
  • Obtained from HM Courts & Tribunals Service
  • Needed after about half of all deaths in England & Wales
  • Takes a month or so to prepare the forms and get the grant
  • Can be time - consuming and stressful
  • Doesn’t have to be done by a solicitor

Estate administration

Sorting out everything.

  • A process
  • Different every time, depending on the circumstances
  • Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s very complicated
  • Usually, one part of it is getting probate
  • Includes sorting out bank accounts, shares, property, inheritance tax and beneficiaries.
  • Usually takes 6 - 18 months depending on complexity
  • Doesn’t have to be done by a solicitor

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