Probate help

For most people faced with probate, it’s an unfamiliar term and an unfamiliar process. Here’s our brief guide.

Do I need probate?

Probate is needed after around half of all deaths in England & Wales. If just one bank, share registrar or other organisation (like the Land Registry) says you need probate, you have to get probate!

You don’t usually have to ask them. Most organisations publish rules on their websites to say whether or not you need to go through probate.

For example

if the person who died:

  • had more than £50,000 in accounts at Barclays, or
  • had more than £50,000 in accounts at Halifax, or
  • had more than £25,000 in accounts at NatWest, or
  • owned a property on their own, or
  • owned shares worth more than £10,000 in a particular company

...probate will be needed.

That’s not a comprehensive list. There are other reasons why a grant may be required.

If a grant isn’t needed, it’s typically because it’s small amounts of money or the assets are held jointly, for example with a surviving spouse or civil partner.

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